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some sort of random elven prince guy? idk

Apr 12reblog

how the fuck do you draw hair.

Mar 25reblog

trying to fight art block by drawing a grumpy Corypheus.

Mar 14reblog

Some speedpaint-ish landscape practice drawings, because I seriously need to learn how to draw landscapes. Reference pictures from here.

Mar 8reblog

quick drawing of some Profane. I really hope that we get to learn more about them in Inquisition.

Feb 21reblog

Dumat, Dragon of Silence

I drew Urthemiel a while ago, so I figured I’d go ahead and try to draw all the Old Gods. So here’s Dumat, but before and after he became corrupted (Dumat, I’m sorry, you really shouldn’t have told the Magisters to go the Golden City).

Dumat | Zazikel | Toth | Andoral | Urthemiel [2]| Razikale | Lusacan

Feb 14reblog

idk, I wanted to play around with some different effects and textures and stuff, and Meredith is fun to draw. (texture credit: x)

Jan 28reblog

"The blood is the key. The blood is always the key."

idek I just wanted to practice drawing hands and blood and I got kind of carried away and this happened (seriously though how do you draw blood).

Jan 22reblog

I haven’t been posting much recently because I’ve been working on some illustrations for a fundraiser thing, but I found a half finished sketch of Morrigan in my WIP folder today so I decided to finish is up and post it and give it a bright sparkly background for some reason.

Jan 17reblog

I was mad at all the other drawings I was working on so I drew a nug.

Jan 1reblog