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A commission I did for Flight Rising user Renydon, of one of their dragon OCs. The black and gold color scheme was a lot of fun to draw.

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I Tundra that I draw as a commission. He was a lot of fun to work on.

FR art shop link.

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I recently discovered that there’s a subforum on Flight Rising that’s entirely dedicated to letting users sell art for lots of gold and gems, and I really enjoy drawing dragons, so I figured I’d open a thread of my own (it’s here).

These are the example drawings that I did for it. Flight Rising dragons are a lot of fun to draw.

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I seem to have somehow managed to convinced 250 people to follow this blog, and giveaways always looked like a lot of fun to do, so! have an art giveaway!

The prizes!

  • A full color portrait of a character of your choice. It can be fanart or an OC!
  • There will be two winners.

The rules!

  • Must be following me (new followers are welcome!).
  • No giveaway blogs.
  • Likes count. One like and one reblog per person.
  • Giveaway ends September 15th
  • If you win, you’ll need to tell me what character you want me to draw. If you want me to draw an OC, I’ll need faceclaims and/or screencaps of them, if they’re a video game OC, and a bit of a description of their personality would be helpful. You may also specify color, mood, expression, etc, but it’s not necessary!

You can find my art tag here, if you’re interested in seeing the sorts of things I draw. Good luck, and thank you all for following me!


Mako Mori + color palette #9, as requested by Rein! 

Rein had actually requested #6 from this palette, but I’d already done that one, so I looked at the other color palette and saw #9 and thoughts that it looked really pretty, so I used that.

This is the first time I’ve done Pacific Rim fanart, but I should really do it more often. I love this movie, and Mako is my favorite.


Taking a bit of a break from color challenge requests to draw Isabela. 

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I’m finally getting back to doing these, so here’s Wrex + color palette #6, as requested by armalis!

I didn’t know how to get the blue into this image, so I gave Wrex a flower crown.


I decided to try to draw an Ayleid, and also to try to do a drawing where I don’t allow myself to be lazy and actually try to draw everything well so that I can actually see where my current skill level is at. I … mostly managed to follow that rule, but feathers and hair continue to be the bane of my existence. 

I had also been intending to use a nice, subtle, muted color scheme for this, but that … isn’t how it turned out.

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Another batch of ESO doodles that I did recently, after that first batch of doodles I did a few months ago. All of elves this time because I like drawing TES elves.

In which I try to figure out lighting, struggle with hair, continue to overuse the sparkly background texture, and really don’t want to draw anyone’s outfits.


I posted this fanart of Morrigan a year ago today, so I decided to redraw it to see how much I had improved in a year.

I was also able to do this one way faster (this one took about two hours, while the other one probably took at least four hours), and I was way lazier about drawing her necklace. And I also racebent her because of this Chasind Morrigan mod.

But anyway, at least I’m improving? And I seem to have somewhat managed to get more a distinct style.