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Another batch of ESO doodles that I did recently, after that first batch of doodles I did a few months ago. All of elves this time because I like drawing TES elves.

In which I try to figure out lighting, struggle with hair, continue to overuse the sparkly background texture, and really don’t want to draw anyone’s outfits.


I posted this fanart of Morrigan a year ago today, so I decided to redraw it to see how much I had improved in a year.

I was also able to do this one way faster (this one took about two hours, while the other one probably took at least four hours), and I was way lazier about drawing her necklace. And I also racebent her because of this Chasind Morrigan mod.

But anyway, at least I’m improving? And I seem to have somewhat managed to get more a distinct style.


I’ve been meaning for ages to do screencap studies from DA:I trailer caps, and I finally managed to do a couple.

I did the first one a few months ago and just did the second one last night, and hopefully I’ll be able to break this current art blog and do more soon.

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I tried to do a quick drawing of Niri??

idek I had barely any reference for this and also I have no idea how to draw flowers but she had to have a flower in her hair.


Anders + color palette #8, as requested by talkingdarkspawn!

I was planning on making this a fairly simple, quick drawing, but then this happened. I also tried a sort of different process for drawing this, which worked out okay, I think?

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My Shepard + color palette #15, as requested by wishingstargonesupernova!

Or, well, Fan actually requested #17, but I already did #17 for Merrill, (and #16 for Vivienne), so I decided to do #15 for my Shepard.

and I only sort of vaguely included the green in the background and I spent exactly zero effort on her clothes, but I think that this turned out okay, considering that she’s still in ME1 and the ME1 graphics aren’t so great, so I didn’t have any good refs for her.

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A nug + color palette #6, as requested by blueberrytoast!

this is really rough and sketch and I think I spent more time on the crystals than I did on the rest of the drawing combined because I’ve never tried to draw crystals before.

and of course I had to include red lyrium in the background.

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Merrill + color palette #17, as requested by thebibliophibian!

I did a bit better at sticking to the colors this time? there wasn’t any orange in that color palette, but that’s what happened when I mixed the red and the yellow, so.

Vivienne + palette #16, as requested by Mat!

I … didn’t really follow that color scheme at all and I put exactly zero effort into her outfit, but hey, at least I’m finally able to actually do these!

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Liara T’Soni for Sara. Happy birthday, Sara! 

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